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“Sometimes a mentor, often a sounding board, always an encourager, Scott’s knowledge about a wide variety of college choices and their entrance requirements has been invaluable.”
– Jan L., Sacramento, CA

“Future Stars has helped motivate my son to do better in school so that he can go to the college of his choice. My son’s grades have gone up. He is better prepared to take the SAT’s and since working with Future Stars, he has been enthusiastic about college and future goals.”
– Theresa R., Granite Bay, CA

“My son and daughter’s personalities are 180 degrees different, and Scott relates well to both children. I do not think my son would be attending an Ivy League university without his help.”
– Patricia L., Sacramento, CA

“Scott basically says all the same things my husband and I say, however our children actually listen to him and do what he tells them to do!”
– Shirley R., Sacramento, CA

“With our busy lives and the competition to get into colleges, I was concerned that we would miss something that would affect my son’s admission. Future Stars knowledge and organization has helped give the guidance necessary to successfully complete the process – worry free!”
– Sue H., Granite Bay, CA

“The ‘one-on-one’ sessions began with an overall awareness of the process, motivating our son into a 3 year, realistic, action plan. Bottom-line, Future Stars greatly enhanced our son’s options to choose where he wanted to go to college vs. having others make that choice for him.” 
– Harlan H., Granite Bay, CA

"I can't thank you enough for all your help throughout this whole process. Working with you has been a fantastic experience, and I am truly grateful for all the hard work and effort you put into helping students like me.  The Future Stars program has been everything I could have asked for, and then some. And it hasn't just been the application process. From the moment we signed up, I feel like the program has been a valuable resource, and I can't easily imagine the last few years without it. From your guidance to the forums, there has been an opportunity every step of the way that has been incredibly useful. The process seemed daunting at the beginning, to say the least. But with the help of Future Stars, there wasn't a time I felt lost or without direction. In fact, the process almost seemed too easy at times! It was such a great experience working with you. Thank you so much for all you did for me. I look forward to letting you know how things work out next year. I can only imagine they will be great."
– Alex N., Sacramento, CA

“I want to say thank you...for everything. Honestly, your forums, your encouragement, and your insight have all played an integral role in my college admissions into Williams College. You have truly been a great driving force which has helped motivate me to make the extra effort...and that’s what it takes. I remember you telling me that everyone can work to 90 percent of their capacity or skill, but few can master the last 10 percent. And while I have not attained mastery, you helped me reach above the 90 percent threshold and into the next 10 percent realm...and those extra percentages make all the difference! Thank you so much for everything!!!”
– Andrew D., Loomis, CA

“I began my college search as a high school senior uncertain about what I was really looking for in the college I was going to attend; however, with your advice and guidance, I soon became familiar with what each school I was considering had to offer. You encouraged me to apply for stretch schools, which I thought were out of my reach at first. I am now a graduating senior at Willamette and I must say that this school was the perfect fit for me. I would like to express my deepest thanks and gratitude for all of your help and wonderful advice.  Your guidance service set me up for a wonderful and fulfilling college career and a bright future. Thank you so much.” 
– Brady M., Sacramento, CA

“I wanted to say thank you. You made this complicated process so simple. I actually had to help my friends with their college admissions and it is because of you I was able to do this. So I decided on Colorado. I hope you can do for my brother what you did for me. I cannot believe how much I used the essay we constructed over the summer. I used it on scholarship applications and even as an essay in English...haha.  I got a 98% on it too. But that essay that you helped me create is something that I feel allowed me to get into the Kelley Business School at Indiana and earn the scholarship increase from Arizona. I am just happy you were so much help and you really are a main reason I succeeded in high school. So thank you and I will be sure to talk to you in the future.”
– Tommy K., Granite Bay, CA

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