After helping students for more than 25 years, the list of schools they have been accepted to spans small liberal arts colleges to large research universities and every region of the United States. They also range in selectivity from 3%-95%. Having visited and studied colleges of every type throughout the country for decades ensures that my knowledge is not limited to a certain region or category of school. In fact, when meeting to go over final college options, families often share how excited they are about the great matches they wouldn't have learned about otherwise.


While I have placed students at the most prestigious and selective schools in the country, I do not support the "obsession with the myth of prestige." In other words, I counsel from the belief that where you go to college does not determine who you are to become. While there is nothing wrong with considering the reputation of a school, I focus on helping families move beyond college rankings to focus on what matters, which is discovering a great college match, a school where the student is more likely to fit in and thrive.

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